Maxime Délitroz: Automated Segmentation of High-content Fluorescent Microscopy Data of Developing MN in Culture

Posted on Tue 30 August 2022 in theses

In this thesis, we sought at developing precise neuron segmentation in order to support future study on the morphological phenotype of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

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Driss Khalil: Multi-task Computer-Aided Segmentation for Eye Fundus Imaging

Posted on Fri 15 July 2022 in theses

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Antonio Morais: A Bayesian approach to machine learning model comparison

Posted on Mon 28 February 2022 in theses

Performance measures are an important component of machine learning algorithms. They are useful when it comes to evaluate the quality of a model, but also to help the algorithm improve itself. When used in small data sets, these measures may not properly express the performance of the model. That is when confidence intervals and credible regions can be useful. Expressing the performance measures in a probabilistic setting allows one to develop them as distributions. One can then use those distributions to establish credible regions.

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Geoffrey Raposo: Active tuberculosis detection from frontal chest X-ray images

Posted on Thu 15 July 2021 in theses

In this study, we investigate the benefits of automatic Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) detection methods based on radiological signs found on frontal chest X-Ray images.

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Colombine Verzat: Machine Learning for Adverse Event Detection in Latent Tuberculosis Infection Treatment

Posted on Wed 15 July 2020 in theses

The goal of this study is to identify whether it is possible to predict the occurrence of adverse events in patients based on their clinical data.

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