Is Computer-Aided Diagnosis fair towards minorities?

Posted on Thu 10 February 2022 in media

An invited talk on the subject of fairness in Machine Learning applied to Computer-Aided Diagnosis at the University of Lausanne.

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Article: "L'IA est utile dans tous les secteurs de la médecine"

Posted on Tue 11 January 2022 in media

Short interview for a periodical publication from the COOP group in Switzerland, called Cooperation.

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Round-Table on "AI in Health"

Posted on Thu 11 November 2021 in media

I contributed to a round table, part of the Industry Connect programme, sponsored by alp+ict, CimArk and Idiap (in French)

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Swiss Digital Health Article

Posted on Tue 29 June 2021 in media

Article about my group's current work on the Swiss Digital Health Platform (in French)

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Reproducibility in Data Sciences Why, What, and How

Posted on Thu 29 April 2021 in media

My invited talk at University of Zurich on Reproducible Research background, motivations and methodology.

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Talk at Valais/Wallis AI Workshop - Reproducibility in research

Posted on Fri 24 March 2017 in media

My talk at the Valais/Wallis AI workshop on reproducible research

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Interview for Télévision Suisse-Romande (TSR), 12h45

Posted on Tue 22 November 2016 in media

I was interviewed for a document on biometric vein recognition in the Swiss's RTS 12h45 news

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Overview of the BEAT Platform

Posted on Wed 16 March 2016 in media

Introductory video to the BEAT Platform for Open Science and Reproducible Research

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Interview for Jornal Nacional

Posted on Wed 10 September 2008 in media

I was interviewed for a document in Jornal Nacional, one of the most viewed brazilian 20h00 news program.

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